Lost Toy

A wordless picture book about a lost giraffe, and his short adventure!

Bedtime stories Rapunzel fairy tales for kids


The classic fairy tale of a long-haired princess trapped in a tower.

Bedtime stories Space Explorers short stories for kids

Space Explorers

When Carlos doesn't get the birthday present he hoped for, his sister Maya makes sure it's even better than he could have imagined

People Who Help

A poem of appreciation for all the nurses, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, policeman and others who help in their jobs.

Bedtime stories A Puppy Lost in Paris short stories for kids header

A Puppy Lost in Paris

Baxter the Puppy loses his beloved Oliver in Paris. He will have to follow his nose to find him!

Bedtime Stories Animal Homes Free Books Online header

Animal Homes

Animals live in all sorts of homes... and we share our home with all of them.

Bedtime stories Zombie town short stories for kids and tweens

Zombie Town

Elroy is scared of most things, especially going on a school camping trip. But that's not counting the ZOMBIES!

Short stories for kids Tigs World free picture book header

Tig’s World

Tig wants to know why, if the earth is round, people don't fall off the bottom. But Mum and Dad can't agree!

Bedtime stories The Snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales for kids

The Snow Queen

Two friends are separated by a Snow Queen and an icy heart.

Nursery rhymes Three Blind Mice kids songs

Three Blind Mice

The tragic nursery rhyme of three blind mice, who lose their tails to a carving knife!

Bedtime stories Pumpkin Pie poems for kids header

Pumpkin Pie

A delicious pumpkin pie is prepared for a Thanksgiving feast!

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