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Through sun and shower the pumpkin grew,

When the days were long and the skies were blue.

And it felt quite vain when its giant size

Was such that it carried away the prize

At the County Fair, when the people came,

And it wore a ticket and bore a name.

Alas for the pumpkin’s pride! One day

A boy and his mother took it away.

It was pared and sliced and pounded and stewed,

And the way it was treated was hard and rude.

It was sprinkled with sugar and seasoned with spice,

The boy and his mother pronounced it nice.

It was served in a paste, it was baked and browned,

And at last on a pantry shelf was found.

And on Thursday John, Mary, and Mabel

Will see it on aunty’s laden table.

For the pumpkin grew ’neath a summer sky

Just to turn at Thanksgiving into pie!


Thanksgiving Poem for Kids by Mary Mapes Dodge, edited by Ada M. Skinner and Eleanor L. Skinner in the Topaz Fairy Book.


Conversation, Healthy Eating

1. Have you ever made a pie? How did you do it?